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Q: Shipping methods show 'no list' when submitting an order?
A: This is caused by a web page information bug, please refresh the page or re-enter the order submission process, then it will back to normal.
*If multiple refresh and re-enter doesn't work, please contact us.

Q: How to track my package?
A: Copy your tracking to http://www.17track.net/en
*Some logistics tracking may not be recognized on some tracking service websites. 17track has a high recognition rate, so this website is recommended for tracking.

Q: Where will the package be sent from?
A: China.
*The brand factories are in China, and the products are first-hand from them.

Q: How long is the order preparation time?
A: All orders require more or less preparation time, it depends on the stock and the production situation, etc.
*You can contact the seller in advance to understand the situation if you are urgent.

Q: Payment method?
A: At present, due to the signing of some agreements and website limitations, only Paypal is temporarily supported for payment.

Q: Whether the product price includes customs cost (VAT/tariff)?
A: On this website, the prices of all products sold do not include any customs cost.
*For customers in EU countries, we will conduct VAT pre-payment for packages less than €150, according to the latest EU VAT rules (the VAT amount is charged in advance, and the shipping service provider pays VAT to EU customs on behalf of the customer).

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