ALSEYE RAM ARGB Memory Cooler White Black 60mm With Dual Fan PWM 1200-2000RPM Radiator for DDR2/3/4/5 Cooling

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Product parameters

Current: 12V

Connecter: 2510-3Pin

Lighting: 5V 3 Pin ARGB (it is make up to your use)

Application: DDR/DDR2/DDR3/DDR4/DDR5...

Airflow: 19CFM±10%

Lead-wire length: 20cm

Noise: 18.4dBA±10%

Fan speed:  800-2200RPM±10%

Air-pressure:  1.55mmHZO10%

Bearing: Hydraulic Bearing

Product dimension: 151.7*64.9*102.5mm

Product feature:

1.Dual 6025 fans, blow up heat efficiently.

2.Soft rubber cover wrap the fan frame to guarantee DE-vibration.

3.Installation directions can be adjusted, no worry about keep-out.

4.Universal compatibility for multiple memories.

5.Support 5v A-RGB.

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