Barrow CPU Block-Pump Combo Mini Version, 17W PWM Intelligent AIO POM Block-Pump Three In One With Metal Cooling Cover, LTPRP-04I S LTPRPA-04 S

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Intel series:

LGA 1200

LGA 1156/1155/1151/1150

LGA 1700

Intel x99 / x299

AMD series:

AM5 / AM4 / AM3+ / AM3 / FM2

Purchase information

1. The water blocks need to match with corresponding lighting option before they can be used. 2. Must install the filtration device before water blocks, avoid to clog water blocks;3. When installing, please pay attention to the inlet and outlet position of water blocks, errors in installation will affect heat dissipation efficiency;4. The water injection port must be connected to the hose before water injection;5. Correctly use the inlet, outlet, and water injection ports to quickly complete the water injection operation; 6. When installing the water block, the fixing screws must be installed diagonally;7. When installing, if the fitting interferes with the water pump due to the size of the fitting, it can be solved by adding a 20mm extend fitting;8. Product appearance structure will be upgraded without a prior notice, and the material object prevails.

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