Barrow Water Cooling Kit for LIANLI O11 Case, For Computer CPU/GPU Liquid Cooling, Cooler For PC, LLO11-HS

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Please contact us about your CPU and GPU model before order.

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1. The price of sets do not include case and computer hardware;2. You can adjust all parts of standard sets according to your requirement,and be refunded and any deficiency repaid;(If the products list are out of stock or upgrade by Barrow, we will inform you to change the products);3. Please note that the Middle end Set includes 90°pre-bending tubes. The hard tubes of another suits are NOT processed. If you need to bend or cut them, please purchase additional tools.4. Since the customs and logistics services of most countries in international transportation do not allow the transportation of liquids, these kits do not contain coolant (the coolant in the list is for reference only, and does not actually contain)And the price of these kits, they have subtracted the price of the coolant5. In case product appearance upgrade, without further notice, prevail in kind.

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