Barrowch External Expansion Display Screen With 8.8 Inches 1920*480px Multifunction Synchronous Monitoring Interface FBEHD-01

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Please click the link below to download the relevant files (including software, font templates and tutorials).

Google Drive Link

Purchase Notes:
1. Due to the configuration of the graphics card, some early-production AMD 6000 series graphics cards are not compatible with this screen.

2. Because different people's computer settings, system types, system versions, software versions, etc. will all be different.
When the content mentioned in this article may be a little different from the actual operation, please refer to it roughly, the idea of the tutorial is the same.

3. In case of upgrading to the product upgrade, software interface, operation steps etc., no further notice, the real object shall prevail.

4. This tutorial for Microsoft Windows system.
For other systems, please refer to it as appropriate, and AIDA64 software please download the version corresponding to the system by yourself.

5. The software is a trial version, please do not upgrade otherwise it may invalidate. 
If you need the latest version, please purchase it yourself and please support the genuine version.

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