Barrow hard tube Water Cooling Kits with 240mm copper Radiator,CPU Block,LED fans,Reservoir for AMD 3 Intel LGA 1151 LGA 2011

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This Water Cooling Kits contains only the listed products:

Barrow PETG 500mm 10*14mm tube     PG1410-L
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Barrow YK 50mm*130mm water tankYK130-50 V2     1link
Barrow Rotating docking fittingsTBX2D-021link
Barrow 120mm radiator bracketTCBJ-P1link
Barrow 120mm LED Fan KXCFS2link
Barrow 240mm radiatorDabel-A2401link
Barrow RGB CPU water cooling blockLTYK3-041link
Barrow 10W PWM pumpSPD10-S1link
Barrow plugTZS1-A023link
Barrow 90 degree rotary fittingTWT90-v2.53link
Barrow OD14mm hard tube fittingTFYKN-T146link

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