Recommended for Ryzen 3000 series

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Three generations of Ryzen, whether it is from the core number or the frequency, or cache-cache, they all got a comprehensive upgrade,

Stronger performance, more powerful parameters, but did not bring too high a price,

FormulaMod recommends some Cpu blocks/kit for this new Ryzen series.

CPU block from Barrow:

  • Cilck to view LTYKBA-ARK
  • Friends who like Marvel should think that the shape of this cpu block is a bit familiar.
  • Yep, it is similar to the heart of Iron Man :)

  • Cilck to view FBLTFHA-04N-V2
  • Advanced Cpu block with OLED digital display temperature
  • Real time monitoring, full of technology feels

CPU block from Byksksi:

    • Cilck to view CPU-XPR-AM-V2
    • Acrylic main body simple version block, beautiful and practical

Cilck to view A-RYZEN-TECH-X-V2
  • Advanced Cpu block with OLED digital display temperature
There is silver style one, could match the silver/white style build

Cilck to view CPU-RYZEN-X-MK
Aluminum alloy panel, silver/black style

Cilck to view CPU-RYZEN-X-MC
New MC series, Aluminum alloy panel, silver/black style

Advanced CPUs definitely need to be paired with advanced loops.
FormulaMod recommends this Bykski kit, progarm AMD

Cilck to view Advanced Program Kits

It has a very compatible kit, designed for the Ryzen 3000 series
Kit details:
A-RYZEN-TECH-X-V2, compatible with Ryzen 3000 series
Full coverage GPU block
Bykski boutique series fittings,
39mm thickness 360 radiator,
Pump-Reserovir combination,
With water valve, water flow meter, exhaust valve,
Multi-color optional,
Total length 5 meters PETG hard tube with bending kit,
Unified lighting system, can be synchronized to 5v 3pin motherboard RGB,
More suggestions:
Pump-Reserovir combination -> Waterway board
More radiators
More decorations

Basically a loop that is already in place for Ryzen 3000 series

Below kits, they need to replace the CPU block for Ryzen 3000 series (need to make up the difference)
Please contact the seller for replacement

Cilck to view B-HSRBW-ED
Bykski Basic level soft tube kit
The best basic level kit, easy to install

Cilck to view B-HTRBW-ED
Bykski middle level hard tube kit
Suitable for beginners who want to challenge and builders who are familiar with water cooling, 
Not difficult to install, pay attention to the bending tubes

Cilck to view YR01
Barrow basic level hard tube kit
Writer personally feel that the quality of fittings is better than the above 

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