Bykski B-HSRBW-ED, RBW 5v 3pin Soft Tube Program Kits, Multiple Programs Customizable Modification For Intel/AMD Cooling Kit

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For GPU block, Please contact for your GPU model before Order !

Purchase Notes:

1. All program kits do not come with coolant.2. The program kit, which only include the products in the corresponding program kit list. The products such as case, RAM blocks, motherboard etc. outside the list, only for reference and display.3. Lighting system: Bykski RBW 5v 3pin (A-RGB)If you need RGB 12v 4pin lighting system, please contact the seller4. The kit's actual installation results will vary depending on progarm, case and builder ideas, etc.

If you want to change the Products, Please Contact Us!

We accept modification customization! If you want to upgrade/add/remove any product, you can tell us about that, it is the best to specify the product you want.

GPU block:please contact us to determine the GPU details before order.CPU Block:NOT suit for AMD ThreadRipper, if necessary, please contact us for that.T virus reservoir:Default size 190mm and Black cover + Black spiral. Optional 260mm, other color matchFittings style:All fittings default black style. Optional silver style; other color need upgrade fitting set

Kit List Upgrade Note:

As Bykski upgrades or adjusts the contents of the kit from time to time, such as product updates version, model or appearance, adjustments to the kit list, etc., After several times product upgrades by Bykski, the program list product will have a little different appearance from the products in the reference picture.If not notified in time, the Bykski's latest real object and the newest list shall prevail

Kit Installation Tips:

The following is the connection method designed by the original progarm, If you have your own build ideas, please purchase extra fittings for improvement (contact seller to get the extra same style kit's fittings) 1. Pump and reservoir connected by male to male mini fittings

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