Bykski B-HTRGB-EX, RBW 5v 3pin Hard Tube Advanced Program Kits, For Intel/AMD Cooling Customizable Modification

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Purchase Notes:

1. Program kits do not come with coolant.2. The program kit, which only include the products in the corresponding program kit list.The products such as case, RAM blocks, motherborad etc. outside the list, only for reference and display. 3. For kit details, we accept modification customization.Add / remove / replace products, please contact us. 4. GPU block, please contact us to determine the GPU details before order.5. All fittings default black style. (Optional red, blue, silver, gun, white style)6. More advanced kit, better quality than the HTRBW/HSRBW series,

Product list note:

Due to Byksksi upgrades and adjusts their products, some of the products in the list below are upgraded to:B-RBW-C8 => FR-B-RBW-C8B-APRBW-FN => B-APRBW-FN-V2

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