Bykski GPU Block With Active Waterway Backplane Cooler For Galax Palit KFA2 Maxsun Gainward RTX 3090 3080 N-RTX3090H-TC-V2

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Compatibility list

Galax RTX 3090 OC 24G METALTOP Galax RTX 3090 EX GamerGalax RTX 3090 SG(1-Click OC)Galax RTX 3090 OC 24G Galax RTX 3080Ti OC 12G METALTOPGalax RTX 3080Ti 12G METALTOPGalax RTX 3080Ti OC 12G Galax RTX 3080Ti 12G Galax RTX 3080 OC 10G METALTOPGalax RTX 3080 EX GamerGalax RTX 3080 SG(1-Click OC)Galax RTX 3080 OC 10G LeadTek RTX 3090 LIFE ES 24G LeadTek RTX 3080Ti 12GB WinFast HurricaneLeadTek RTX 3080 LIFE ES 10GLeadTek RTX 3080 10GB WinFast HurricaneManli RTX3090 D6X 24GManli RTX3090 Gallardro 24GManli RTX3080Ti D6X 12GManli RTX3080Ti Gallardo 12GManli RTX3080 D6X 10GManli RTX3080 Gallardo 10GPNY RTX 3090 24GB XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB Triple Fan EditionPNY RTX 3080Ti 12GB XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB Triple Fan EditionPNY RTX 3080 10GB XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB Triple Fan EditionPalit RTX 3090 GamingPro OCPalit RTX 3090 GamingProPalit RTX 3080Ti GamingProPalit RTX 3080 GamingPro OCPalit RTX 3080 GamingProKFA2 RTX 3090 SG 24GBKFA2 RTX 3080Ti SG 24GBKFA2 RTX 3080 SG 10GBGainward RTX 3090 PhoenixGainward RTX 3090 Phoenix GsGainward RTX 3090 OCGainward RTX 3090Gainward RTX 308OTi 12GB Phoenix GSGainward RTX 308OTi 12GB PhoenixGainward RTX 308OTi OCGainward RTX 308OTiGainward RTX 3080 Phoenix GsGainward RTX 3080 PhoenixGainward RTX 3080 OCGainward RTX 3080Maxsun RTX 3080 OC 10GEMTEK RTX 3090 OC 24GB Black Edition EMTEK RTX 3080Ti 12GB Black EditionDell RTX 3090Dell RTX 3080 Alienware Aurora R12 DeIl RTX 3080 10GBASUS EKWB RTX 3090 24GB GDDR6X

The product comes with a Free Controller.

Before purchasing, please make sure that your graphics card is in the compatibility list and the PCB is same with the PCB we displayed. If you are unable to confirm, please send us the PCB picture for confirmation.

The copper plate of the block is processed by CNC machines. The machining marks and slightly uneven on the copper plate are normal and do not affect the use of the block. Please pay attention to this.

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