Bykski GPU Stand, Graphics Card Vertical Holder With PCI Express Extension Cable , Fixed GPU PCI-E Built-in Vertical Bracket, B-6HPCI-E-X

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The appearance of this product is upgraded, subject to the actual item! thank you for your purchase!

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1. This product only contains the products in the list. Other products such as GPU, case, motherboard, etc. are only for reference display. 2. In case of upgrading to the appearance and structure, no further notice, the real object shall prevail

Product Specifications

Product name: Graphics Card Vertical Holder With Extension Cable Product model: B-6HPCI-E-XCable length: 25 cm Adapted graphics: RTX2080ti, GTX1080ti, Titan XP, radeon580, VEGA64, etc., Support the PCIe new graphics card launched in the last three years. Bandwidth speed: PCI-E 3.0 x16 (gen3, 128G.s) stable full speed

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