FormulaMod Fm-DB, Gpu Decorative Backplate, With 5v 3pin Lighting LED Acrylic Backplane, Can Sync To Motherboard

Purchase Note:

1. Size:29x12 cm, compatible with large PCB size(length: 27-29, width 11-12) graphics cards, such as GTX1060, GTX1080Ti, RTX2080, etc.21x10 cm, compatible with shorter PCB size(length: 20-21, width 9-10) graphics cards, such as RX570, RX580, RTX2070, etc.*Note that the pattern shown in the gallery is 29x12 size,21x10 patterns will vary slightly depending on size layout

2. Fixed to graphics card method: Hook & loopDefault come with 4 pcs hook & loop

3. Product list:1 pc acrylic decorative board1 pc lighting controller4 pcs hook & loop4. The gallery is constantly updated, please pay more attention5. RGB lighting strip, 5v 3pin, can be directly connect to the motherboard 5v 3pin RGB interface.Default come with controller.

6. In case of upgrading to the process and gallery, no further notice, the real object shall prevail.

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