FormulaMod Multifunction Fan/Lighting Controller, For A-RGB(5v 3pin) Lighting & Fan(2510-4pin) Power/PWM, 2.0 Hub For Connecting And Syncing To Motherboard, Fm-MFC2

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1) For the lighting strip header - 5v 3pin A-RGB

2) For the fan header - 2510 small 4pin (compatible with 3pin fan header)

*Please use the RED header as the first connection, otherwise it cannot achieve full functionality.

3) Controller use a CR2025 3V lithium battery.

*Due to some countries have strict requirements for battery transportation, we generally remove the battery to comply with the shipping requirements of these countries.

So if receive the controller without CR2025 battery, please prepare a CR2025 button battery by yourself.

4) This controller can only be used in 5v A-RGB lighting system.

Please do not use it in 12v lighting system, otherwise it will cause destruction.


1) Remote control light color, light mode, Speed of light flashing.

2) Ports quantity:

7x headers for 5v 3pin addressable A-RGB lighting;

5x headers for 2510 fan;

1x header for PWM function;

1x header for hub power;

1x header for sync motherboard.

3) The hub has synchronous motherboard A-RGB function for lighting strips, and PWM function & Power for fans.

4) 1 to N, only taking up one A-RGB header on the motherboard.

5) Molex 4pin for power.

It adopts direct output from PSU, which is more concise and efficient, to provide enough power for the fans & lightings.


Material: ABS

Power cable: Molex 4pin

Rated voltage: DC 12V

Size: 97*51*17 mm

Package includes:

1x Molex 4pin power cable

1x Motherboard sync cable

1x 21 Keys RF remote controller

1x Multifunctional hub box

1x PWM cable

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