Barrowch 8 Pcs Hard Tube Fitting For OD 12/14/16mm , Aluminum Alloy Multiple Color Ring G1/4 Brass Adapter , FBYKN V1 Series

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1. Product quantity: 1 lot = 8 pieces*Each lot product contains only 8 pcs fittings.Other products are for reference, such as tube, water cooling block, pump, reservoir, etc.2. The fitting body is made of brass,Only the metal ring is made of aluminum alloy, and it will not come into contact with liquid3. This product is a customized product. When it is purchased, it takes 2-4 days to wait for the production and scheduling of the brand manufacturer.4. Brand manufacturers reserves right to alter block design to expand compatibility. In case of upgrading to the appearance and structure, no further notice, the real object shall prevail.

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