FormulaMod interface direction changer, for Motherboard ATX24Pin / graphics card power supply interface / Motherboard Usb3.0

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Hello everyone,

I believe that everyone will encounter this situation when sorting and designing cables in the case.

Especially for the case with cable management, let graphics card cable (PCI-E 8pin) as an example.

After connecting the PCI-E 8Pin one end to the graphics card power interface,

Generally, We all need to bend it 180° to the backside of the case, and manage all cables together,

We have designed an item that is easy to reach 'bend' and more beautiful, that is our interface direction changer

It's very simple, its role is to directly change the interface direction,

Fast link: chick here

They can turn the interface to 180°/90° for better connection to the power cable.

We use the graphics card and the corresponding changer to give an example.

Before changer:

After changer:


1. Simple and beautiful, Plug-and-Play

2. Easy connection and easy cable management

3. It is easier to calculate the total length if you need to customize the power extension cord

4. Durable

We offer direction changer for PCI-E 8Pin/6Pin, Motherboard 24Pin, USB 3.0

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