Bykski B-CNTLFN-LT, RBW Fan Dedicated Lighting Synchronous Extension Cable, 5V, For RBW Fan Synchronous To Motherboard

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Purchase Notes:

1. B-CNTLFN-LT only for Bykski fan, can not connect other RBW products
2. B-CNTLFN-LT corresponds to the fan line part, only B-CNTLFN-LT can not work
3. Cable Kit (B-CNTLFN-LT+B-CNTR-95X3L) complete working combination, work for one fan
4. One kit/combination (B-CNTLFN-LT+B-CNTR-95X3L) , just work for one fan
If you have multiple RBW fans, please purchase B-TR-1T08
(Connection plan: multiple RBW fans -> multiple B-CNTLFN-LT -> B-TR-1T08 -> motherborad)

Purchase Advice: 

If you already have B-CNTR-95X3L/  B-TR-1T08  , please select B-CNTLFN-LT

If you don't have B-CNTR-95X3L/B-TR-1T08, please select Cable Kit

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