FormulaMod Fm-PCI/ATX/USB, Interface Direction Changer, Converter, For GPU Power Interface/Motherboard ATX24pin USB3.0

Purchase Note:

1. When purchasing, please pay more attention to the location of the space and the direction you need2. Each changer comes with a gasket, used to protect the back of the PCB and for decoration3. The graphics cards, motherboards, cables and other hardware and products in the picture are for reference only.4. In case of upgrading or batches of products to the appearance and structure, no further notice, the real object shall prevail

All Changer identification directions use the buckle as the judgment point.

Before purchasing, please understand the position of the buckle of the corresponding interface of your GPU and motherboard/USB to determine the direction of the Changer you need to purchase

*Please pay attention to the position of the buckle.

A small part graphics cards' power interface are the opposite, please observe your GPU carefully

General interface display:

Opposite interface display:

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