Barrow D5 Pump-reservoir Combination, 18W PWM Pump Combo With Tank Component, Water Cooling Multi-Size Pump Box , SPG40A

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Purchase Note:
1. It is forbidden to work the pump for a long time without liquid (water or coolant).

2. It is forbidden to inlet of the pump downward.

3. Before installing, please pay attention to distinguish between inlet and outlet.

4. In the default option, pump-reservoir combo does not come with any plugs.
If you do not plan to use inlet on the side of the pump top side, we recommend purchasing plug.

5. If you plan to use OD16mm hard tube.
Please add the male to female fitting(s), for outlet and inlet(if needed) on the side of the pump top. To prevent the OD16 tube fitting's base being too large, resulting in improper installation.

6. In case of upgrading to the appearance and structure, no further notice, the real object shall prevail.

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