Bykski 30mm Red Copper Radiator, RC Series High-performance Heat Dissipation, Black/White 140/280/480 Thickness For 12cm Fan Cooler, CR-RDRC-TN-V3

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Purchase note:

1. In order to better use and maintain the radiator, please clean the radiator before use.

Please note that it is normal to have a small amount of impurities in the radiator, which are some welding process residues left during manufacturing, etc.

*If cleaning is not performed, the first pouring of coolant may cause some color contamination.

2. Because during transportation, it is impossible to avoid the collision and backlog of packaging by external forces. We will also try to pack as tightly and solidly as possible.

Please note that slight bending of the fins caused by the above-mentioned reasons is not covered by the warranty. If you mind, please purchase with caution.

*They can be corrected using needle nose pliers

3. Bykski reserves all right to modify and upgrade products, in case of upgrading to the appearance and structure, no further notice, the real object shall prevail.

Generally speaking, we will arrange the latest version of the product for you.

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