Bykski Distro Plate For Cougar Cratus Case, Acrylic Waterway Board Combo DDC Pump, 5V A-RGB, RGV-CG-CRATUS-P

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Purchase Notes:

1. About lighting.
The distro plate does not come with controller, but a sync cable.

2. This link is only for the sale of distro plate.
All pumps, radiators, reservoirs, cases, fittings and other products in details photos are for reference only.

3. If you need this distro plate kit.
You can check in our store 'Distro Plate Kit' category or contact the seller for help.

4. Please pay attention to this distro plate is only compatible with corresponding case.

5. This disto plate is generally compatible with single GPU block building.
If you want to connect more GPU blocks, you can contact the seller for help.

About Pump Selection:

Option - Pump with heat dissipation cover
Pre-installed the pump with heat dissipation cover PMD3-COV

Option - No pump
Disto plate with no pump (Not recommended)
*If you need to install an external pump instead of combining it on the distro plate, please contact the seller for special G1/4" outlet module

Product Upgrade Note:

As Bykski upgrades or adjusts the contents of the kit from time to time, such as product updates version, model or appearance, adjustments to the layout, etc..
If not notified in time, the Bykski's latest real object shall prevail.

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