Bykski GPU Block For AMD Radeon Instinct MI50, High Heat Resistance Material POM + Full Metal Construction, With Backplate Full Cover GPU Water Cooling Cooler Radiator Block, A-MI50-X

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Product description:

This full coverage block directly cools the graphics cards core (GPU), graphics memory (RAM), and voltage regulator modules (VRM). By directly cooling these components, you can achieve great temperatures and reach higher overclocks or extend the overall lifespan of your card by running at below-factory temperatures.
The block is constructed of high-purity copper that is nickel electroplated to prevent oxidation. A high-flow design is used to allow multiple blocks to run in series. Top and bottom ports can be used to configure parallel or serial designs in multi-block setups.


Block material: nickel electroplated high purity copper + high quality POM
Backplate material: black anodized aluminum (not in contact with coolant)


(Including but not limited to the following models)
AMD Radeon Instinct MI50

After narrowing your selection, please check the entire PCB picture to ensure compatibility. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact support for confirmation.
Compatibility based on this(these) PCB designs only.
Inlet/outlet port size: G1/4" thread

Parts Included:

1x Full coverage GPU water block
1x Backplate
2x Plug fitting
1x Installation screwdriver
1x Bykski thermal pads (set)


1. This version of GPU block does not configure lighting.

2. This is a repair or replacement-only item. Returns are not accepted in principle on compatibility issues or if the block has had water/fluid run through it.

3. The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the block design to expand compatibility or upgrade/modify the product. The delivered item may not 100% match the pictured item.
The product does NOT come with English instructions. Please see the product gallery images for the install guide if available. Generally, thermal pads should be installed on the card where the block has corresponding raised contact points, except the GPU core, which uses thermal pad. In the middle part of product gallery images, there will be a picture description/display where the thermal pad should be placed. Installing pads on other components can lead to improper contact and poor performance.

4. Not responsible for any damage caused by or when using this product. Please use it at your own risk.

The copper plate of the block is processed by CNC machines. The machining marks and slightly uneven on the copper plate are normal and do not affect the use of the block. Please pay attention to this.

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