FormulaMod Fm-MFC2 Sync Controller For ARGB(5v 3pin) Lighting & Fan(2510-4pin) Power/PWM, Hub For Connecting/Sync To Motherboard

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1. For the lighting strip, this controller just suitable for for ARGB 5v 3pin2. Fan 2510-4p interface from hub, Please use the Red interface as the first connectionOtherwise it cannot achieve full functionality


1.Remote control light color, light mode, Speed of light flashing.2.Interface:Five interfaces for ARGB (5v 3pin) addressable interfaces.Five interfaces for Fan (2510-4p) power and PWM functionTwo interfaces for 3pin LED lighting strip,3.The hub has synchronous motherboard RGB function for lighting strips, PWM function & Power for fans4.Only taking up one RGB header on your motherboard.5.It adopts direct output from power interface, which is more concise and efficient.


Material: ABSPower connector: Molex D-type 4pinRated voltage: DC 12V & 5VSize: 97*51*17 mm

Package includes:

1x Molex D-type 4pin power cable

1x Motherboard sync cable

1x 21 Keys RF remote controller

1x Multifunctional hub box

1x PWM cable

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