FormulaMod Fm-QJD, RGB GPU Block Acrylic Brackets, GPU Holders, Decorative Plates, 5v 3Pin RGB Synchronizable Motherboard Lighting

Purchase Note:

1. 'Part Number' option,You can choose the pattern you want from the gallery, please contact seller in advance or leave a message in the order for the P/N.2. 'Custom Combinations' option, You can choose the pattern from the gallery and the text you want (eg a paragraph/model/logo etc.)We customize them in combination, examples: RTX-01 + 'Rog' + Rog LogoOr custom image or text,Please contact us if you need it.3. The gallery is constantly updated, please pay more attention4. Part of the special pattern, which can be used to mount the fixed holder, its holes is relatively less. Please pay attention to your GPU block size when purchasing them.5. In case of upgrading to the process and gallery, no further notice, the real object shall prevail.


Connection method


Default:GPU holder with lighting strip *1Holder screw *3Acrylic small bracket *1Small bracket screw *2Small bracket nut *2*'Controller version' option,Manual controller *1

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